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Adjustable Pulse Width Modulator 80 Amps 12-24V 100Hz to water4g

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Added On: Wednesday 25 May, 2011

MAGNUMTUNING FACTORY HHO PWM. Pulse Width Modulation, also referred to as PWM is a method of transmitting information on a series of pulses. PWM is a modulation technique for forming variable width pulses to represent the amplitude of an analog wave or signal. Adjustment allows you to control the volume of hydrogen production. The process is easy to follow, however it takes time to understand. The optimal hydrogen production depends on several factors affecting the fuel consumption as well. You need to establish a fully active hydrogen production without extreme heat generation would lead to undesired loss in hydrogen performance. You might need to set the volume of hydrogen production with the PWM unit's potentiometer. While adjusting the pot check the hydrogen production in the tank. The more fresh bubbles come up to the top of the hydrogen generator the stronger the hydrogen generation is. Right end means maximum HHO production. Start to turn the pot slowly clockwise (right) and see the bubbling. Wait for 30 seconds after each quarter turn, the process is delayed. Pulse Width Modulators are essential component of any water4gas system. PWM's are extremely effective in reducing heat and controlling amperage. We strongly discourage anyone installing a HHO conversion kit directly to the battery without PWM. THE PWM IS RATED @ 80 AMPS. Never load the unit with any consumer drawing more than 75-80 Amps current constantly. No surge function. WORKS ON 24 Volts AS WELL. MAINTENANCE: Check the ventilator fan's proper operation monthly. Ball bearing provides extra long endurance. Water, oil, dust may reduce the durability significantly. * * * * 10-YEAR MAGNUM FACTORY WARRANTY * * * * Magnum TuningTM has been dealing with manufacture of upgrades and fuel saver parts since 1994. Magnum's experience warrants peak performance, reliability & perfect style. Magnum Parts are made in EUROPE.


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