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Montana Electronic Control Unit - Pro 30

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Added On: Wednesday 25 May, 2011

Pro Electronic Control Unit with 30 Amp PWM (Pulse Width Modulator). This is the most reliable 30 amp PWM circuit on the market today. Includes and On/Off switch, a 30 amp Pulse Width Modulator, a 100 amp digital LED, and a PWM duty cycle knob and a frequency adjustment knob. Includes two fans for the PWM. This PWM does NOT have constant current limiting capabilities. Has wiring terminals on the back of the unit for easy hook up. Features * 30 Amp DC Motor Speed Controller (PWM) W/ Adjustable Frequency, Features: 1. Power Supply: 8 to 30 Volts DC 2. Load Voltage: 8 to 30 Volts DC / 30 Amps Max Continuous 3. Fixed Frequency 100Hz (change by jumper) 4. Adjustable Frequency from 400Hz to 3000Hz 5. Duty Cycle adjustable 0% to 100% 6. Red LED Power On 7. Case Dimensions 5.00 W X 7.00 L X 3.00 8. 2 spade connectors for each input and output 9. 2 Mosfet's 0. 1/4" tall Heavy Duty solder traces w/ wire inlay 11. (1) 100 amp digital LED gauge * 12. Wiring Diagram included 13. On - off illuminated switch * 14. Includes two cooling fans 15. Comes with brackets so it can be * mounted under dash or on floor. It can also be placed on a dash board * but that is not recommended due to the cooling fan noise.


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