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Montana 24 Cell Hydrogen Generator, HHO

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Added On: Wednesday 25 May, 2011

This Hydrogen Cell is the result of hundreds of hours of testing and incorporates revolutionary design technology. It features 25 plates and 24 cells. This generator will easily produce enough HHO for a 4.3 to 5.7 Liter Engine. Comes with 3/8" barbs. Designed and constructed from only the finest materials available, our Montana 25 Plate 24 Cell Hydrogen Generator is the next generation in Hydrogen Generators. It contains plates that are precision cut 3" X 7" 316L Grade Stainless Steel. The plates are cross hatch sanded to promote bubble release and then cleansed in an Ultrasonic cleaner leaving them microscopically clean. The plates are sealed between high temperature 1/16" thick EPDM gaskets. No inferior automotive grade gaskets used. The end plates are manufactured from 1/2" high grade, high temperature Cast Acrylic. No Extruded Acrylic used. The end plates measure only 4-3/16" X 7-3/4" so the unit will fit were others won't. They are held in place with 1/4" X 20 Zinc plated bolts. When choosing a Hydrogen Generator we believe it is wise to purchase a Hydrogen Generator that will outperform your engines needs. By doing so you are assured the Generator will deliver the needed HHO under all conditions. Here is a simple rule of thumb to help you choose the right cell for your particular engine. Plan on 1 LPM of HHO for every 2 Liters of engine size. This will give you the minimum LPM the cell should produce at low amperage. All our Cells are run for 3 days to insure there are no leaks and to pre-condition the plates. Shipping: * All products will be shipped within 5 business days after payment is received and verified. * Item will be shipped via USPS PRIORITY MAIL, UPS or FedEx Ground. * We do ship internationally; please contact us for shipping prices.


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