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100mw High Power Fixed Focus Red Laser Pointer Pen-lowest Price

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Added On: Sunday 20 February, 2011

? NOTE: ? The laser can be bright enough when you light it in normal temperature, so you had better not light it continually over 30 seconds ? When not using it, please take off the battery from the laser in order to avoid causing damage ***** Safety Considerations: Laser pointers are effective tools when used properly. The following considerations should be observed when using laser pointers: ? Never look directly into the laser beam. ? Never point a laser beam at a person. ? Do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces. ? Never view a laser pointer using an optical instrument, such as binocular or a microscope. ? Do not allow children to use laser pointers unless under the supervision of an adult. Use only laser pointers meeting the following criteria: ? Labeled with FDA certification stating "DANGER: Laser Radiation" for Class 3R lasers or "CAUTION: Laser Radiation" for Class 2 pointers. ? Classified as Class 2 or 3R according to the label. Do not use Class 3b or 4 products. ? Operate at a wavelength between 630 nm and 680 nm. ? Have a maximum output less than 5 mW, the lower the better. ****** If you are a laser pointer lover and you are right on the pointing of finding some nice laser pointers, here we recommend you an excellent red laser pointer pen. This high quality and perfectly designed 100mW 532nm High Power Fixed Focus red Laser Pointer Pen could fix on focus with a green dot facular. The striking bright laser light is extremely suitable for using at night to point out the very position of the stars you are looking at. Apart from its star-pointing function, it is also a best assistant for climbers and people in mountainous areas. The laser will be a great tool for pointing out the faraway target and sending out the SOS signal, which makes your travel more fun and safe. In addition, you can enjoy your traveling with this laser. This laser is certain to bring convenience and fun to your life.


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