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Complete HHO Kit for Big Rigs / RV's

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Added On: Wednesday 25 May, 2011

We offer this new technology Hydrogen Generator with the HHO Kit to our customers at the lowest price in the industry. If you have done any shopping around at all, then you know this is true, and, it is a complete system not just an HHO generator. Other companies sell just their generators for more money than we sell our complete HHO Kit. This is a Complete Hydrogen Generator HHO Kit for your R.V. or Big Rig Truck, or Heavy Duty Pick Up Truck! You will be happy with the results. This Big Rig Hydro Cell kit comes complete with everything that you see in the above photo, so that you can do a full installation on any vehicle. This is not a car generator being passed off as a Big Rig Unit! This HHO Kit was made just for Big Rigs, large R.V's and Heavy Duty Pick Ups. We are also offering a Lifetime Warranty with the purchase of this HHO Kit. To learn more about the warranty and any other information that has not been covered here, please visit us at our website, just type in Alternative Gas Solutions into a search engine like Google and you will find us!


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