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Apple iPhone 3G 8GB Black (Factory Reconditioned) Unlocked for a

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Added On: Friday 04 March, 2011

The iPhone 3G adds new features to the popular iPhone, including 3G wireless data connection and better international features such as the ability to change the SIM card easily using a SIM card ejector and easy-to-change languages. Cut, copy, and paste with a tap. Send text, photos, locations, and more. Search across your iPhone.Phone, iPod, and Internet device in one, iPhone 3G offers desktop-class email, an amazing maps application, and safari - mobile web browser..........The Premier Clip N' Charge, One of the most sought after product at the 2010 CES Electronics Show, has finally arrived. Nothing comares to the quality and efficiency of the Clip N' Charge. Extends Battery life by over 2x. The most important addition to your phone. Clip N' Charge is a rechargeable battery holster. It offers protection, carrying solution and backup power all in one. The holsters use a lithium polymer battery technology that can be recharged and reused hundreds of times, to provide backup battery. 10 minutes standby: when phone is taken out of holster during charging mode the holster will stay on for 10 minutes (if phone is docked within 10 minutes it will continue charging). Package includes: Clip N' Charge Rechargable Holster W/ Swivel , Retractable USB Cable, USB Home/Travel Charger, 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Specifications: Built-in Lithium Polymer Battery Power Consumption : 3.5w Battery Capacity: 2300mA Input: 1000mA, 5V Output: 700mA, 4.2V Battery operational temperature range: 5F to 122F or -15C to 50C


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