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Black TwinStar 90mm High-Power Refractor Telescope

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Added On: Sunday 20 February, 2011

Our large 90mm refractor telescope is a great first-telescope for the backyard stargazer who is ready to learn it all. If you're looking for a versatile telescope designed for both night-time space viewing and long distance daytime viewing, this 90mm telescope is the ideal instrument. Its large 90mm aperture, fully coated achromatic primary lens affords crystal clear space views at night, with 160 times the light gathering power of the naked eye. With a 1000mm focal length, combined with 3 included eyepieces and a 2x barlow lens, you'll enjoy a range of magnifications from 50x to 500x. With this telescope, your eyes will pop out when you look at the moon -- the detail of the surface is incredible. You'll enjoy viewing Rings of Saturn and the Moons of Jupiter. In dark skies you can see distant nebulae and galaxies. This telescope comes with an aluminum tripod that is fully adjustable. Even if you're taller, you'll be able to to observe the stars without having to crouch down in an uncomfortable position. A handy accessory tray on the tripod makes it easy to keep track of extra eyepieces. With the equatorial mounting, the telescope is designed to move in any direction -- making it possible to track the movements of stars as the track across the night sky.


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