Web Design

The design of your website can be as critical as your business itself. Whether you conduct business online, advertise your business, maintain a domain with your own email addresses, or just have a website for a presence; your website represents your business to the entire planet. Not just your neighborhood.


Because of this, our one and only objective is giving you the most professional website that both matches your industry profile and is appealing to your customer.


When we build or change a website, we create a very clean professional layout. To match this, we also create a very well structured file system and provide the ability to integrate more features into the website if desired. Some of these features may be forums, news systems, newsletters, social networking, blogging, and even ecommerce. Since we create a website that is scalable, we do not program in html. Html is great for personal homepages, but programming in php can provide all the same features as html and a whole lot more. Asp is also a great platform to work with, but we look for both speed and security to match your individual needs.


As an example, if a business wanted to provide a comprehensive newsletter system for their customers, it would be very difficult in html because html does not dynamically support the programming languages needed to do this. But with php, it is only a matter of integrating the programming code into the existing pages.


As with any project we work with, upon completion and if you so desire, we make sure that sites can be accessed from the front end for you to manage. Not through old ftp protocols that do not allow live edits or incur excessive billable hours just to transfer files back and forth.


Services Offered

- Basic to Enterprise Web Design

- Ecommerce

- Clean Professional Layouts

- No Generic Templates

- Integration

- Mysql/Sql

- PHP Systems Integrations

- Forums

- Content Management Systems

- Online Publishing Systems

- True SEO Optimization

- Front End Access Abilities

- And much much more!


Ebizagenda.com Web Rates

Standard Rates


$35 hr


$35 hr

Additional Pages

$25 ea

Change in Contents

$35 hr


$35 hr

Custom Rates


$50 hr


$55 hr


$55 hr

PHP Scripting

$45 hr


$45 hr

* All rates are in 30 minutes increments.


Ebizagenda.com does not use or support .asp, .net framework, or coldfusion. These are ms windows systems and we do not do ms windows on the internet.


Fonts: We like two fonts the best for your layouts. verdana 8 is what we use for our own. The other font we like to use is arial 10. We can use any others as well.


Verdana 8      Arial 10





Project Times: Generally, any project that is not too extensive can be completed and fully operational within one week of layout approval. Enterprise and advanced systems projects can take two to four weeks until completion, unless extensive site development is required.


Maintenance: All sites we construct are able to be maintained by the owner. If the owner wishes to use Ebizagenda.com for their maintenance, our rate is $35 per hour in increments of 30 minute periods.


Payment Terms: All payments must be made in advance unless special terms or established agreements have already been met.


Ownership: You or your business owns your website and all content thereof. Ebizagenda.com only provides a skilled service.


Webmaster Logo's: Ebizagenda.com is composed of applications developers of many various systems. When we construct internet applications or websites, we do ask that we are represented therein. The difference for us is that we do not seek or desire a large area. This can even be contained within a links section of the site and/or a small image with our link. Exception to this rule is commerce websites. Because we conduct much commerce ourselves, we do not ask for any public association, since we do not hinder our client's sales potential.


Legal: Ebizagenda.com will not construct, maintain, modify, or have any business association that presents, sells, or broadcasts illegal, racially motivated content, or comparable products. No exceptions will be given.


Discounts: Discounts are provided on a case to case basis for charitable organizations and theological organizations that meet our criteria's.



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