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Multi Store - Admin osCommerce Template $100.00

The Multi Store - Admin osCommerce Template comes as a full install with many many additional features that take it from a standard ecommerce package and turns it into the 800 pound gorilla. The only limit to this package is that additional languages have been removed, since they are not compatible with the additional features. Since about 90% of the entire planet conducts their internet shopping in English, this should not limit anyone's ability to browse and shop.


Want to see it in action? Guess what, you are. Our Sales & Service store runs on our own Multi Store package. Clean, fast, reliable, highly customizable, and very scalable. No other templates or systems can do what this does.


If that isn't enough, visit our demo store. This is exactly what we ship. Clean, fast, stable, and highly structured. Demo Store


Demo Admin. Not available to the general public. We will setup a one time admin login for a customer to browser around our demo's adminstration.


Multi Store - Admin osCommerce Template


By far the most powerful osCommerce Template conceived. And with so many additional features to work with!

Our Multi Store package is for the serious ecommerce business.

Top 10 Viewed and Random Products Boxes

Now Come Standard!

Single Random Product Box. You can place this anywhere on a current site or others sites using php include or an iframe. This is a great option for those who want to create internal product advertisements that have sections of a current site outside of commerce or other sites that they want to point back to their commerce site. Also, the box is individual store driven. That's a really big plus!


Click Here to view in a new window. It's the same as the box to the left.


Want to see how easy it adds to other sites. Look to the upper right of the main body at www.cdmaximum.com It's just a simple iframe.


There is even a new feature for random category products. Depending on how many categories tiers you use. Each sub category has random products belonging to that category while browsing. You can see this working just by browsing the main Photoshop categories in our own store here.


Additional Features That Come Standard

Multi Stores:

Multi Stores is a highly sought after tool that allows the owner the ability to add and sell products across multiple websites, from a  single database and a single point of administration. With this, the owner has no limits to how many products or how many sites can be operated. They can even have a central site that then carries all the products from all the stores at the same time. This offers a unique flexibility for the owner to vastly increase their sales and management abilities, while not limiting what products they can sell.


Each Store also maintains its own unique configuration. That way, there is no interference with shipping, payments, store information, etc etc.


Multi Admin:

Providing multiple administration levels is key to some businesses security needs. Using this tool, the administrator can assign various rights to managers. They can provide them with only access to reports or individual store administration or they can move this up to full full administration. It's all built in and easy to operate.


In addition to having a multi store system with multi admin, the owner can actually remove the entire administration directory from all sub sites/sections. Instead, just have it as a centralized administration from the main site/section. This way, there is only a single access point of administration, since the owner can actually manage all multi stores from this, while still maintaining multi admin capabilities.


Admin Login:

osCommerce does not come with a login for their stock ecommerce package. Because of that, administration is not secure and anyone can cause malicious harm at will. Our package comes with a very strict login protocol to eliminate that threat.


Order Status Administration:

Allows the owner to set order status defaults by which type of payment is made. They can also change order status manually at any time.


Checkout Success:

The Checkout Success notifies the customer of orders. In addition, the owner can amend, and/or change the status of the order information and select to either notify or not to notify the customer of this change.


Checkout Success Notification:


After the order is completed, a Success notification is displayed, where the customer can then go to their invoice directly. The owner can edit what they want displayed at an time, just by changing the text in the language file.


Invoices and Packing Slips:

Both have been add and enhanced to the administration, so that any order being fulfilled, the owner can print copies.


Download Controller: If you sell downloadable products, this feature will help you greatly. It provided individual download attributes, and lets you select the the period of time the customer can download and how many times they can download.



The owner now has the ability to assign a distributor to each of their products. This way, the owner can know which distributor (eg, vendor) the product belongs to.


SEO and Meta Tags:

Our package comes with full seo and meta tag systems ready to go. So all product pages have full keywords, descriptions, and page titles. Additionally, because of our methods, we have made it easy for the owner to add more keywords that they want to product pages. This way, they can increase their search engine optimization goals. This additional feature in itself can cost many hundreds if not a few thousand dollars for website owners.


ReCaptcha Protection:

Receive ultimate protection with our integrated ReCaptcha for "absolute" protection against phishing and robot programs. Using this captcha system also keeps malicious unauthorized use of your contact forms. Many spam programs use unprotected contact forms to send out mass emails under the guise of other's domain name. This stops that completely.



We provide a basic clean layout with this package. However, the package is highly customizable and easy to work with for an html/php programmer. If however you need these services, please feel free to contact us for a quote, as we can do this for you.


osCommerce Clutter:

We have removed all the clutter from this template, so the owner can get right down to it. All the stock modules and features are still intact, so if it is ever needed, it is just a matter of adding the code base. We even made it easy to add real advertising, instead of the built in internal banners.


OsCommerce Contribution: Rest assured, the owner has no limits with our package. Any contribution ever developed to enhance osCommerce, can also be integrated into our template as well. It is still osCommerce, but a much more commercially viable template.


Install Service Available

For an additional $20, we will install the package for the owner. They would need to provide us with the Mysql database login temporarily. After installing the database, we can then login to the admin and get that all configured. The entire process takes a few hours, but for an individual not familiar with php/mysql, it can be many days of unnecessary stress trying to figure that out.


Note: Because of the price of this package, we will not make it available for immediate download. If purchasing by a verified paypal account, we will it email it to you shortly after ordering. If purchasing by regular credit card, we will email it once we have verified that it is a genuine order. Thank You

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 December, 2007.

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