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The design of your website can be as critical as your business itself. Whether you conduct business online, advertise your business, maintain a domain with your own email addresses, or just have a website for a presence; your website represents your business to the entire planet. Not just your neighborhood.

Because of this, our one and only objective is giving you the most professional website that both matches your industry profile and is appealing to your customer.

When we build or change a website, we create a very clean professional layout. To match this, we also create a very well structured file system and provide the ability to integrate more features into the website if desired. Some of these features may be forums, news systems, newsletters, social networking, blogging, and even ecommerce. Since we create a website that is scalable, we do not program in html. Html is great for personal homepages, but programming in php can provide all the same features as html and a whole lot more. Asp is also a great platform to work with, but we look for both speed and security to match your individual needs.


With any of the platforms listed, we are more then capable of customizing to the clients exact needs or simply just install and configure them. You decide and we can get it done.


We pride ourselves in our abilities of doing whatever needs to be done, whether it be from setting up review blogs with wordpress for the marketing pro's or setting up serious ecommerce systems for someone that wants to sell thousands of products from their own ecommerce website. Sure, we can build personal sites as well, but we are fully capable of constructing and managing very large sites too. No job is too small or too large for us.


Many websites we work with, we do not use any off the shelf packages. We build them from scratch and include scripting languages like php so they are dynamic and scalable. In addition, we design the layout from scratch as well, so that the website is unique for that client only. No worries about if another website will look identical.


Existing platforms like Wordpress, osCommerce, and even Joomla; we can customize to the exact requirements you might have.


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Small Business Software

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